Learning Analytics Toolbox

Learning Analytics Toolbox is a toolset to make available easy to administer data collection, analysis and presentation tools for teachers and researchers to analyze learning processes on the classroom level. The collected data is used for evidence-based decision making in the educational innovation process and is integrated in the EDULABS method.

Below you can find created and collected demos of the various tools that can be used when conducting Living Labs projects (but also in other learning contexts).

The demos are all uploaded below, and each includes a slideshow that provides an overview of the uses of the tool, plus a video demo showing how to use it.

NB! The demo videos are embedded in the slides (unless there is a separate link). To get the video to play, run the slideshow as slides, and on the slide with the video still, click on it to begin the video.

  • Digital Mirror – Digipeegel – Digital Mirror is a self-assessment framework together with accompanying Web- based tool that was designed to guide schools in self-assessment of their digital maturity on the organizational level
  • LePlanner – LePlanner is learning scenario creation and sharing tool. Currently being updated and new version version will be complete rebuild and have additionally lesson observation tool.
  • SmartZoos – SmartZoos is a location-based serious game that help participants create and play gaming scenarios.
  • Observata – Observata is a lesson observation tool under development that produces LA compliant data with specific context and lesson scenario. It is directed at observing events during the implementation of lessons and activity tracking.
  • EduLog – EduLog is a simple telephone app for classroom observation that teachers can use to collect data about the order and length of the teaching/learning activities.
  • Multimodal Tracker – Multimodal Tracker is a simple Android app that gathers multiple streams of data about what is happening physically in a space (e.g., in a classroom) using the sensors that come with most phones or tablets.
  • SpeakUp – SpeakUp is an open chatroom for anonymous questions/comments with no need to create an account.
  • Graasp – Graasp is a knowledge management system frequently used in educational contexts.
  • Prolearning – Prolearning is a simple student feedback and teacher observation/reflection tool
  • Discovery Trail – Avastusrada – The Discovery Trail is a browser-based application that helps you create interactive outdoor pathways, where players can follow marked interactive trails, answer questions, get information, do exercises, study surroundings.